“This guitar sounds like a million bucks.”

They sure don’t make em like they used to, and nobody knows this better than Gene, having worked for some of the most fabled builders in history.  That is why he created the SL, which stands for “Straight Line”.

Again taking a familiar, best loved silhouette and creating a guitar which outperforms its own inspiration in every way one can measure, not to mention a complete list of custom options to truly make this your own personal tool for serious musical expression in any style and setting.

Available in solidbody, semi-hollowbody, and full-hollowbody, Gene has designed the SL to play and perform the way vintage LP’s used to or bring you that sweet old 335 tone in a much smaller package.

Select from a variety of cosmetic options, hardtail or trem, or even an original Bigsby for that old school feel!

Singlecoil  or humbucker, coil taps, pickguard options, and your choice of binding and inlays….the SL is a completely customizable instrument built for the discerning player.

Whether it’s transparent, solid, burst, metallic, sparkle, or distressed… the SL sounds AND look the part!

Carved top or flat, hardtail or trem, even drop in an original Bigsby for that complete Memphis LP feel!

Single or double-coil, taps, pickguard options, your choice of binding and inlays, a completely custom instrument made they way they used to be.

Stain, solid, burst, sparkle, relic… the SL means to sound AND look the part!