“…like a Tele and a Firebird procreated.”

Calling back to that fabled creature who arose from its own fiery ashes anew and altogether changed, the Phoenix is the very soul of one of music’s most fabled guitars, the Firebird, made manifest in the smaller and more manageable silhouette of another classic favorite, the Tele.

While remaining fully customizable, the primary iteration of the neck through Phoenix is a single piece of either lightweight mahogany or korina with two Lollar mini-humbuckers set close to the standard C profile neck; the essence of the Firebird in a distinctive Tele shape.  A super hot Lollar Special T singlecoil bridge pickup is Gene’s recommended finishing touch to truly join these two instruments together in a way that just WORKS.

Coil taps for the humbuckers offer up every great sound you’ve ever heard from either instrument available in a lightweight, familiar, and comfortable package that will truly set your playing on fire!

Whether it’s transparent, solid, burst, metallic, sparkle, clean or distressed finish….the Phoenix sounds AND look the part!

Available as a front or rear route, with or without pickguard, and hardtail or trem, the Phoenix is a truly custom instrument available with a whole host of other custom options

Coil-Taps for the buckers, and every great sound you’ve ever heard from both instruments, available in a lightweight, familiar and comfortable package which will truly set your playing on fire!

Stain, solid, burst, sparkle, relic… the Phoenix means to sound AND look the part!

 Available as a front or rear-route, pickuard or no, hardtail or trem, a truly custom instrument and a whole host of other custom options.